Congratulations to Ameya Rao and recent graduate Dr. Helen Yao for their new paper titled Bridging dynamic regimes of segmental relaxation and center-of-mass diffusion in associative protein hydrogels published in Physical Review Research!


Congratulations to Dr. Irina Rasid for successfully defending her thesis “Dynamics of Associative Polymer Networks” on Thursday, October 29th, with Professors Gareth McKinley, Krystyn J. Van Vliet, Niels Holten-Andersen, and Bradley D. Olsen!


Congratulations to Dr. Justin M. Paloni for his publication to ACS Applied Polymer Materials titled Polymer Domains Control Diffusion in Protein–Polymer Conjugate Biosensors!


Congratulations to Olsen lab students Dr. Akash Arora, Tzyy-Shyang Lin, Haley K. Beech, and Hidenobu Mochigase for their new paper titled Fracture of Polymer Networks Containing Topological Defects, published in the prestigious polymer science journal Macromolecules, in collaboration with Prof. Rui Wang!


As polymer informatics continues to grow, check out this summary of the Olsen Lab’s newest creation: BigSMILES, an extension of the popular SMILES language for encoding complex, stochastic polymer structures!


Congratulations to Dr. Helen Yao for successfully defending her thesis “Driving Forces of Self-Assembly in Protein–Polymer Bioconjugates” on Friday, August 7th! We wish her the best in her career!


The Olsen team would like to welcome its newest postdoc Dylan Walsh, who completed his Ph.D. in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Illinois under Dr. Damien Guironnet. Welcome Dylan!


Congratulations to Dr. Sieun Kim, Olsen lab student Hursh V. Sureka (@hursh_sureka), Dr. Basak Kayitmazer, and the Swan Lab (@Jim_Swan) on their new paper Effect of Protein Surface Charge Distribution on Protein-Polyelectrolyte Complexation!


Congratulations to graduate student Irina Rasid for her publication in Physical Review Materials titled Understanding the molecular origin of shear thinning in associative polymers through quantification of bond dissociation under shear!


Dr. Justin Paloni became our newest PhD graduate today! He successfully defended his thesis “Protein-Polymer Conjugate Arrays for Enhanced Biosensor Sensitivity and Selectivity” with Professors Bradley D. Olsen, Hadley D. Sikes and Michael S. Strano. Congratulations!


Check out grad student Helen Yao’s recent publication to Polymer Science titled Secondary structure drives self-assembly in weakly segregated globular protein–rod block copolymers!


Congratulations to graduate student Justin Paloni for being chosen to participate in the 2020 Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium by ACS, which recognizes outstanding students in the field of polymer science!


Congratulations to Helen Yao for being chosen as a Frank J. Padden Jr. Award finalist for the APS March Meeting! Read more about her work.


Congratulations to recent graduate Brian Seifried for his publication in Bioconjugate Chemistry titled Glycoprotein Mimics with Tunable Functionalization through Global Amino Acid Substitution and Copper Click Chemistry!


Former Olsen Lab postdoc Danielle J. Mai is now an Assistant Professor in Stanford University’s Department of Chemical Engineering! We wish her the best of luck on her academic endeavors! For more information on her research, please visit her official research webpage.


We would like to extend a warm welcome to grad student Zi Wang and undergraduates Anna Go and Angelo Guo from the Stephen L. Craig lab. We look forward to their collaboration!

Zi Wang
Anna Go


The Olsen Lab would like to welcome MIT undergraduate Zhining Shi to the lab, who will be working with Tzyy-Shyang Lin and Nathan J. Rebello on the BigSMILES project, a line notation that will accelerate materials discovery and innovation!