Development of High Throughput Protein Material Technologies

Material evolution is used to rapidly screen large libraries of candidates for one or more properties. To enable this new method of materials development, high-throughput screening is necessary to enable the processing of large libraries of different materials. To this end, we have developed a number of different protocols using inexpensive, open-source robotics operations. Large biological panels, which often require months of trial-and-error to achieve, can be completed within a week with using our high-throughput screening technologies. Looking forward, we aim to apply these open-source robotics to additional systems to begin to access material evolution systems across a range of material types. By combining these high-throughput methods developed in the Olsen lab for synthesis and analysis with theory, a cyclic process, in which large data sets can be constructed and evaluated, is able to identify promising candidates for further evolution steps.

Highlighted Publications

Mills, C. E., Ding, E., & Olsen, B. (2019). Protein Purification by Ethanol-Induced Phase Transitions of the Elastin-like Polypeptide (ELP). Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 58(27), 11698-11709. Link