Congratulate Olsen lab undergraduate researcher Dechen Rota and wish her the best of luck at the University of Minnesota!


Thrilled to announce that Dr. Haley Beech successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis on May 12th, ‘Linking Microscopic Details to Macroscopic Properties in Polymer Gels.’ Congratulations, Dr. Beech, on this stellar achievement!


Olsen Lab Potluck. Yesterday, We had a great time in the yard of Prof. Olsen’s house. Everyone brought their delicious food.


Congratulations to our Postdoc Dr. Jiale Shi on being named a 2023 PMSE Future Faculty Awardee!


Welcome to read Dr. Celestine Hong’s recent paper on Advanced Healthcare Materials, “Engineering a Two-Component Hemostat for the Treatment of Internal Bleeding Through Wound-Targeted Crosslinking”! Check it out here!


Haley Beech from the Olsen Lab will give two talks on polymer networks on Monday with @POLY_ACS communities. Stop by to hear Haley’s presentations!


Thanks to MIT Chemical Engineering Department for organizing this rock painting event for Random Acts of Kindness Week! Credit to Jiale Shi for making this!


We would like to welcome Thalyta Santiago to the group, a visiting student from the University of Campinas! 🇧🇷


Thanks to Las Vegas🎰for hosting a terrific March Meeting, with 6 talks🎤and 2 posters📊📈from the group, and new ideas💡! We’ll see you again next year!


Graduate student Haley K. Beech’s new publication in ACS Macro Letters explores how chain conformation changes during crosslinking, which is fundamental to network theories that predict mechanical properties!


Members of the Olsen lab are excited to present their work at the APS March Meeting in Las Vegas, NV! Here is the lineup of talks from Olsen Lab. Hope to see you there!


We present a comprehensive data model for polymer materials to support the Community Resource for Innovation in Technology (CRIPT) data ecosystem! Congratulations to Dr. Dylan J. Walsh on his publication!


Ph.D. student Alexis Hocken from Olsen Lab is working on a sorting technology to keep small plastics from (literally) falling through the cracks in the recycling process. Check out the article here!


In his new work, Dr. Dylan J. Walsh designs a versatile, uniform photochemistry platform for increased performance and reproducibility in high-throughput experimentation!


We would like to welcome new graduate students Gabrielle Godbille-Cardona (Queen’s University Class of 2020) and Brian Carrick (University of Minnesota Class of 2022)! We wish them the best on their PhD journey!